The Girl I Left Behind is an action love story set in North Alabama during the Civil War. When the Union Army invades Marlbridge, Alabama, in the spring of 1862, Alexandra Corbin disguises herself as a man and joins a band of Confederate cavalry in the hopes of convincing Captain Ramsey to come back and save her town, but Captain Ramsey has other plans.


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North Alabama, April, 1862

IN the midst of war, the people of Marlbridge, Alabama, knew one thing for certain: the enemy was coming, and there wasn’t a thing they could do about it. Their beloved sheriff, who might have saved them from calamity, was dead, and Elias Kelson, the closest thing they had to a savior, was just as likely to welcome the invaders as to run them out of town.

“No tears,” Alexandra Corbin swore to herself as she stood in front of the mirror, took hold of her long, thick, honey-colored hair, and cut it off at the nape of her neck. The cropped tresses slapped against her cheek as she slipped into a Rebel uniform and strapped a Colt to her hip. The enemy had come for her and her people, and she meant to stop them.

Rebel cavalry officer Cana Ramsey stood on the edge of town, paying no mind to the blood and sweat dripping into his eye. He had sworn an oath to never again set foot in Marlbridge. Breaking that oath would cost him his life, and he knew it. But God help him, he couldn’t let Alexandra Corbin hang.